As a minority who used to alling with the views shared in this article, I have to say I'm glad I stepped away from it. People like you bask in victimhood and make THAT your religion. Christianity continues to diminish in a country where evil dogma continues to raise.

Imagine if y'all are so twisted, that you continue to identify Republicans as just "white". Liberals continue to ironically promote racism by attempting to "supposedly" get rid of it.

This article is based on people who want to believe anyone who's a Christian but not a liberal is out to be a bigot. The issue, if anything, is anyone who identifies as a Christian yet supports ideas like abortion, non-binary propaganda, and moral superiority. There's no such thing as a leftist Christian.

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I'm just a foreigner from Scotland, but I lived and worked in the US, in CT, DE and GA, for almost 20 years, so I understand where you are coming from with this. American allies were extremely concerned by Trump's recklessness and instability, and the lurch to Christofascism in a nuclear power is alarming to say the least. A fascistic pseudo-religious alliance between Trump and Putin would be a world disaster potentially far more disastrous than WWII, and it feels very much like the 1930s now. One minor quibble: Machiavellian is mis-spelled!

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